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Virtual Consultation Application for Diverse Professionals & Businesses


A platform that enables today’s astrologers to create their own unique virtual consultation platform and serve people’s needs at any hour of the day.


A virtual marketplace for lawyers to offer services & legal advice for their end clients globally by building their own customizable consultation platform online.

Fitness Trainers

A platform for fitness trainers to schedule regular workout routines, quick guidance, and virtual training sessions for their clients.

Financial Advisors

A virtual consultation marketplace for Portfolio managers and finance professionals to offer financial advice to their end clients virtually on a secured meeting platform.


A consultation platform for doctors and multi-chain hospitals for personal appointments with patients or anyone in need at any time of the day.


A versatile boundary-less virtual space where students and teachers can interact in a real-life face-to-face session very easily.


A consultation platform for Dieticians to take their consultation or training sessions online and solve the queries of more and more clients, as it eradicates the need to travel to the clinic.


An expert virtual consultation platform curated especially for Freelancers in any field like designers, copywriters, fashion stylists, and more to utilize a consultation platform and unlock the full potential of their independent ventures.


An all-in-one virtual consultation platform for Therapists in any domain like mental health counselors, clinical social therapists, cognitive behavioral therapists, and more.

Your pathway to success
With inConsult’s robust and error-free technology, it acts as a catalyst & assistant in a consultant’s journey to success.
Pathway to success
Next-gen Consultations
Conduct personalized & secured virtual consultations without the hassle or stress of traveling to another location while building a rapport with your client. This is as good as meeting in an in-person meeting.